Hi, I’m Lachlan Tailby. I started LM IT with a simple premise in mind. Get to know my customers and their business so I can provide them with the most suitable IT solutions and support.

In 2018 Gareth Scanlen joined LM IT as a director to increase our capabilities ability to better service our customers.

After years of working for various companies, running IT departments of various sizes, being a customer and ultimately moving onto the other side of the fence as a Professional Services engineer for an IT services company I discovered something. The greater the disconnect between the customer and the IT professional doing the work, the larger, more costly and less suitable the final solution was for the customer. This was especially the case when dealing with small businesses. Large service companies just have too many mouths to feed to give you a cost effective solution and a sensible price. They don’t have the time to spend with your smaller company. It left me feeling frustrated that as the guy installing and supporting the solution for the customer I had to make apologies for what the salesman thought you wanted although they had no technical background and what the solution architect put together. All because they felt that the size of your business was too small for more effort. 

LM IT was established so the IT guy (me) can get to know exactly what makes your business tick and develop a relationship with you and your staff that takes away the pain of information technology. Ultimately letting you get back to the things you love to do and are passionate about, your business.
Businesses are about people, let’s have a coffee and talk about your business. 



LM IT consulting offers services to all sizes of businesses and individuals If it has something to do with computer technology and business we can help you.
For example;

  • We can help you with desktops, laptops, mobile devices and printers, mobile device management, patching, antivirus and everything else in this space.
  • If you have servers that need looking after, or new server or think you need something like email services, new domain names, internet connections .
  • Cloud, no we don’t supply them! But we do know who has the best ones and where you can save money. Cloud is such a big concept, it needs a proper discussion to make sure the services you take on board are relevant to your business. We can get you into the cloud, where it’s appropriate.
  • Backups and Disaster recovery. We can help you plan and implement business continuity, backups and talk to you about risk and protecting your business against it. The list is so much longer.

There is a lot of experience packed into my years working in IT. If you have an IT problem or need just give me a call, send me an email, hit me up on Linkedin or Facebook I love talking about this stuff!​


Lachlan Tailby: “In a nutshell, I am the IT guy “jack of all trades”. I have had a lot of roles in IT and have worn quite a few different caps, both as a client and as a provider of IT services. You can look me up on LinkedIn​, to find out what I have been doing.

Gareth Scanlen: Gareth has been working in IT professional services for the last fifteen years and has been keeping businesses’ IT on track for longer than that.